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Tower of London

The Tower of London

 So, Imagine this:
It’s the year, 1483. The two princes of England, (Edward and Richard) have disappeared into the tower of London. A recent rescue mission to find and save the princes has failed, now you, yourself are going to see if the boys are still alive. Just out of personal curiosity. Most people can go in and out of the tower at ease, but for you it is going to be difficult to get into the Tower. You are a Scott from Scotland, a hated enemy of England. You attempt to sneak into the tower but a guard spots you and drags you inside. “I’m afraid any Scot, a rat, that tries to sneak in is allowed to be locked up.” You attempt to protest but still he locks you in Bloody Tower, where the two princes were, and walks off. Your cries of protest echo the walls and nobody hears your screams.

OKAY; let’s get out of that prison cell and into the present! So, was that experience real? No. Were the Princes? Yep (more on that later). Are Scotland and England really enemies? Yep. Most of these things are true, some aren’t. So, let’s take a dive into history, and head to London, the Tower of London.

Common Facts on the Tower

·        It used to be a prison; it is no longer used anymore.

·        It has not just one, many towers. The names of the main four are: The White Tower, Bloody Tower, Byward Tower and Develin Tower.

Early Years of the Tower

The tower was built by William the Conquer on October 12, 1066, after conquering London. It was built with good support and protection from invading neighbors, along with a moat for protection. King William II added to the protection of the tower by adding a wall, the tower expanded over time, from the original 4 towers to now still standing 21. Soon the tower became the house of Royalty for kings and queen for ages until the new palace was built and the royals moved there. Before it was a prison, the tower was a palace.

The Missing Princes, Murdered? OR Disappeared?

Ah, one of my favorite parts of the Tower of London’s history, the missing princes. With the death of King Edward IV in 1483 the disappearance, or the murders of Edward V and Duke of York Richard. Edward was spouse to be crowned though he was very young, just 12 while his brother even younger. Both boys disappeared, and are assumed to have been murdered by their uncle, Richard the III. Were the princes murdered? Or did they disappear, the Answer remained unknown.  Ah mystery sweet, mystery.

Now, a Prison.

After the princes disappeared, the Tower, now that Backhand palace, was now the new palace for the queens and kings. The tower was soon turned into a Prison. It held prisoners that held crimes in England, along with rebel Scots who were trying to get their land back. but if captured they’d be executed either by the Axe or by the hangman’s noose. It held prisoners from 1540 to 1969, where prisoners of war, crime, or something were being held.

Now the tower is not a prison anymore. It is now a place for tourists to explore and see history, see if the legends of the ghost are true; are the two princes still there, now as ghosts? Or long dead prisoners? Or the most popular legends of the raven if the ravens ever leave, the tower will fall to its enemies. That legend is presumed to be true; because the ravens are STILL there (in cages with their wings clipped, but still there.)

I hope you get a chance to see the London Tower, but till then,


Katie H.


Katie H