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Black Butler

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ FIRST!!!** First Off, before I really start with this article I have a couple things to say. This Manga/Anime is NOT raciest, and if it was you wouldn’t find me reading it. I don’t care about race. That’s it, let’s roll.**

Alright on that happy note can you please imagine this?

The carriage ride is slow, long and boring. You sigh, your father was sending you to Phantomhive manor to speak for him on the matter of business, he had sent for the carriage without asking your say in it and sent you on a your way. After another hour or two of this boring ride when you’re about ready to hit yourself the carriage slows and eventually stops. The door opened and a man helped you out “Miss/Mister (Last name insert it here.) Welcome to Phantomhive Manor.” This must be Sebastian, the butler of the Manor. “Hello,” “Please follow me, this way.” And he led you into the manor and into the study where the young Earl, only 13 you had heard would be waiting. “Bocchan, Miss/Mister (Last name Insert here.) is here to discuss business.” “Let them come in Sebastian.” “Yes My Lord.” You enter the study to find, that the rumors were true that Earl Phantomhive, is very young. “Welcome to Phantomhive Manor.”

Thank you, now back to the present. Though I would have loved to stay in the Victorian Era. Have you seen the dresses?!!? THEY ARE WORKS OF ART!!!! But the corsets…no thank you. *Ahem* sorry about that went on a little fan-girl rampage. I like the Victorian Era a lot…So anyway back on topic!

So, who is Sebastian? Is this Ciel Phantomhive real? Unfortunately…No. I wish he was but no. Both Ciel and Sebastian are fictional characters in the hit manga/anime…BLACK BUTLER!!!! By Yana Toboso. I love this manga.

So anyway, this manga is set in the Victorian Era, in England of course following around an Earl and his butler, Ciel and Sebastian. Ciel happens to be the Queen’s ‘Guard-Dog’ in a way, and the catch? Ciel is only 13. WELL in the beginning he’s 12 but anyway he’s pretty young no? Why is he an Earl? Why not his Father? Let’s see…the answer IS! His family is dead. They died in a fire and Ciel was kidnapped when he turned 10. On his birthday. That’s an excellent way to celebrate your birthday.

A month after the fire though Ciel returns, along with a mysterious butler, by the name of Sebastian(Yes, the same Sebastian.) everyone was thrilled, I don’t blame them, but Ciel was…different. He never smiled or laughed and he always wore a black eye patch over his left eye. Such odd behavior for a young, normally cheerful boy. Also, Sebastian is also…strange. He just is, too perfect and never seems to make a mistake. They are such an odd pair.

Any-who, in the first book the stage is set in four sections or chapters: #1 In the morning: The Butler, Skilled #2 In the afternoon: The Butler, Very Skilled #3 At night: The Butler, Omnipotent( that means unlimited power BTW I looked it up, #4 At midnight: The Butler, Most Evil. That’s the first book, I’m new to this manga so I won’t go into details about the Second one, Not cause I don’t want to…I haven’t read it yet… :(

But anyway, in the first book it’s broken in 4 sections. 2 are related to each other and the others are not. The first section, in the morning, Ciel has to throw a dinner party and everything gets messed up by the other servants, Mey-Rin (she’s the maid.), Bard (the cook.) and Finnian/Finny/Finni (Gardner, yes he is a boy) and it’s up to Sebastian to save the day. Second Section: Ciel gets an unplanned visit from his cousin/fiancée (who he will marry when he’s of age,) Elizabeth Midfort and has to deal with her. Section 3&4 Ciel get’s kidnapped….this kid lives a strange, messed up, life doesn’t he? Wonder how he isn’t insane.

Did I mention that Black Butler isn’t finished yet? Unlike FMA, Another Manga I love.*Fangirl*,  it isn’t finished yet, it’s still an ongoing series (YAY!) Same with the Anime (Did I mention it has a hit anime? Hm…I don’t think so…eh.) it is still going, and it’s a hit anime too.

This is a popular manga, it shows too, it’s still going, an anime has been made, a musical also may I not forget…a live action film was released in Japan in January this year. (*Fangirling/crying cause I don’t know Japanese*) also this manga gets 5 or 4 stars reviews and they are excellent reviews.

I suggest you read this manga, or watch the anime. Or both, as I am doing. I highly suggest if you like the Victorian Era(I do.) also, be warned you may become a fangirl by the end of the manga/anime, and if you do read this and you do become a crazy obsessed fangirl….PARENTS DON’T BLAME ME!!

That’s all for now,


Katie H.

P.S Jack The Ripper shows up, along with a bipolar blonde kid. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Katie H.