Ryan J

This week’s “Student of the Week” is Ryan J. He had recently gotten the lead role in the school’s play “The Music Man” and has also gotten into “All County.” I am also though sad because there were not very many questions this week that came through on the school newspaper website. I know now for next week I will ask around, and not on the website.


A-   Who is your favorite 8th grade teacher?


R.J. “Ms. Morgan.”


A-   What do you think of STEAM?


R.J.-“I like STEAM because I think it is a way for teachers and students to work together and connect each subject.”


M.R. What is your favorite type of music?


R.J. “Country.”


M.R. How do you feel about getting into All County?


R.J. “I am really really excited and proud?”



     That was all of the questions that I have received. The last two were asked from a person that wasn’t on the website. I would like to say thank you to the person for asking me in person, and to everyone else who asked questions via the newspaper website.


Thanks for Reading,


Noah M