Why you shouldn't buy a Sylvania Netbook



          Last year for Christmas I got a Sylvania Net book. It was my dream computer I had been wanting for 3 years. When I got it was when I realized why there weren’t good reviews on it. It broke on August, 27th and it never even made it through a year.

          The first problem was the anti-virus software. It had expired within a month after it was programmed to expire in a year. This was the anti-virus software that was built into the computer. This software when it had expired blocked me from going on the internet so I didn’t have any wi-fi. So I had to hook up a cable to my Net book to go on the internet. Then I had to sit next to a computer to go on the internet. I tried putting in a better security on it, and it still wouldn’t let me online.

          Another problem was the fan. It was too noisy. When I turned on the computer it would not be on. When I logged on, the fan would start up. It would start out softly and get louder and louder. That isn’t normal for a fan to be that loud on a computer like that.

          The worst of all was the software. It had windows 7 Starter Edition, the worst windows before Windows 95. The software wouldn’t let me change my wallpaper or change my taskbar color.

          Finally, we get to my favorite, the crash. On August 27th was when it crashed. I had turned on my computer and it went perfectly until I hit enter, which makes it load faster and well the screen just went white. I got up and went on the website to get help. I didn’t get an e-mail and they said “We will get to you right away.” (right away in about 3 years). That was in August, of 2010, and it is now February of 2014.

          Sylvania can’t be trusted. The company makes good light bulbs, but bad electronics.