Speak up!

      Let's say you're  walking down the hall.You see many people, but two stand out. They are about 3 yards from you so you stop. One is crying. You think of walking away, but you stay. The other kid is making rude comments and pushing the crying kid around. You look around, and nobody's paying attention. Now answer this. Do you say anything, or do you walk away? Most of you would walk away, don't lie, I know. I've been in this position, but I'm the one who said something. In our school you don't hear much about people getting bullied. When you do, it's something like,"She said I'm stupid." Even then it hurts. We need to take a second, or even a minute, of our lives to think about what we have said to whom. We are just like buildings. It takes a lot to build someone up, but so little to destroy them. This needs to stop. We can't achieve anything knowing someone is going to pound you into the ground as soon as you try. If you ever feel alone, remember that you aren't. I've been in your place, heck, I still am. If anyone is threatening you, or bullying, don't hesitate to tell someone. You can go to any teacher, a friend, a parent, the office, or even the principal. SPEAK UP!!!





              ~The Outcast