• Research has found that there are similar literacy characteristics demonstrated by children as they learn to read.  We found that the following grouping will give you a description of the stages children go through as they learn to read.

     Early Reader


      Developing Reader


      Fluent Reader



    Early Reader

    *  Uses picture for clues

    *  Retells a simple story which is read to them

    *  Recalls some details

    *  Knows names of letters

    *  Identifies consonant sounds at beginning and end of words

    *  Uses configuration as clue to identify words

    *  Reads by rote

    *  Reads one word at a time - choppy

    *  Selects simple repetitious books

    *  Reads favorite books over and over

    *  Self selected reading for 5 - 10 minutes

    *  Has the desire to be a fluent reader

    *  Enjoys retelling stories



    Developing Reader

    *  Sequences events in the story

    *  Tells main idea

    *  Make predictions

    *  Identifies main characters

    *  Identifies setting

    *  Differentiates between fact and fiction

    *  Identifies high frequency words

    *  Some awareness of medial vowel sounds

    *  Uses context clues

    *  Begins to self correct

    *  Understands the meaning of . ? !

    *  Pauses and uses appropriate inflection for punctuation

    *  Reads phrases

    *  Selects a variety of books

    *  Self selected reading for 10 - 15 minutes

    *  Begins to feel confident when reading silently or orally



    Fluent Reader

    *  Recognizes plot of story

    *  Recognizes problem and solution in a story

    *  Evaluates character's actions or behaviors

    *  Uses a variety of clues to decode unfamiliar words

    *  Identifies blends, digraphs, diphthongs

    *  Applies vowel rules to sound out words

    *  Understands affixes

    *  Uses punctuation correctly

    *  Reads with expression

    *  Reads smoothly

    *  Selects a wide variety of books

    *  May select chapter books

    *  Self selected reading at least 20 minutes

    *  Confident

    *  Enjoys sharing favorite books

    *  Enjoys challenges

    *  Selects reading during free time