• Welcome Music Students of HP!


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    You have stumbled into the magical world of music led to you by Mr. China! I am very excited to be working with all of you! 

    Feel free to look at the other pages to stay up to date! Each sight has important webpages to help keep you on track throughout the year!

    Contact Information

    Email: rchina@hpschools.org

    A little background about Mr. China:
    I am originally from Upstate New York in a small city called Amsterdam, NY. I have completed both my undergraduate and graduate degrees at The College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY for Music Education. I was involved in many different summer bands and marching bands in the Montgomery County Region. I also have been involved with Musical Theatre all of my life so you may see me helping out with theatre antics. 
    My goal for music education is to make a fun, exciting, and enriched experience for my students. I am always looking for some new and fun way to express music. Whether that may be talking about music in media entertainment, or even creating music using technology, I always find the fun in it. Music is more than just learning the fundamentals of how to read, sing, and play. It is also about finding the every day joys and wonders that music can bring to the table. So come join me as we explore the basics and beyond in the world of music!