• CTLE Information:

    The Holland Patent Teacher Center is an approved CTLE provider.  Please see our calendar for upcoming workshops that can be used toward your hours.  In addition, please check this site for updated information regarding CTLE requirements and important documents. 


    Key Points:

    • 15% of your hours need to be in language acquisition addressing the needs of English Language Learners, including a focus on best practices for co-teaching strategies, and integrating language and content instruction for ELL students. 
    • Any approved CTLE activity taken after July 1, 2016 can count toward your first five-year period, regardless of your birth month. 


  • Can professional development completed before registration be counted toward the 100 hours?

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    CTLE completed from an approved sponsor on or after July 1, 2016, but before the individual's birthday month (at which time the individual must register) will be permissible.  However, CTLE hours cannot be carried over from one five year registration period to a subsequent five year period. 

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  • What is acceptable professional development?

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    Needs to be in the content area of any certificate held

    Must include required study in language acquisition addressing the needs of ELL students

    Must be conducted through activities designed to improve the pedagogy or leadership skills and be targeted at improving student performance

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