• FRENCH 201 Time Line                      (2017-2018)  

    Unit 1: L’enfance                                                   September 7- October 20

    Speaking and Writing Focus for this unit will be the present indicative and present subjunctive tenses and adjective agreement.  


    • Une abominable feuille d’érable sur la glace (Roch Carrier)
    • Joachim a des ennuis (Sempé et Goscinny)
    • Le Petit Nicolas- Story of choice (together read w/ a writing and speaking task added to end the unit)


    Unit 2: L’épouvante et la magie                       October 23- November 21

    Speaking and Writing focus for this unit will be on the passé composé and imperfect tenses and the past subjunctive.  All object pronouns and prepositional (disjunctive/stress) pronouns, y and en can also be highlighted in this unit.


    • L’Allumette (Charles Louis-Phillipe) 
    • Le Stylo (Gérard Sire)


    Unit 3: La Guerre et la Paix                                 November 27 – December 22


    Speaking and Writing focus for this unit will be on the faire causatif, comparative and superlative expressions, adverbs, and negatives. . Adverbs of time, place and manner should be introduced and used in speaking and in writing tasks for this unit.


    • La Dernière Classe (Alphonse Daudet)
    • Poème à analyser : Le Dormeur du val  (Arthur Rimbaud)   
    • La Marseillaise : une étude des mots  
    • Film: Entre Les Murs



    REVIEW AND EXAM PREPARATION                  January 2 – January 19

    Speaking and Writing focus for this unit will include a quick review of all perfect tenses, how to use the past participle as an adjectives. All object pronouns, y and en should be an added focus.


    • La Déclaration de l’amour (Jean Fougère) or another story/stories