What is BUZZ?

  • BUZZ is a platform that empowers personalized learning using very unique tools.  Students access BUZZ directly from their Google accounts.  

    How we use BUZZ:

    1. Built for K-12 Learners. Buzz is the first platform built from the ground up for the specific needs of K-12 students and teachers using bright colors, customizable themes and the option to brand with your school’s colors and logo. The interface is crisp, modern and easy to use.


    1. Student Ownership. Students thrive when they are empowered to make choices in their learning. Using Buzz, students can assign themselves content or a task from a library of resources mapped to specific learning objectives and aligned standards, allowing multiple learning options- and choice- for students. Students can provide multiple forms of evidence for their work. Of course, teachers can curate and prompt students to choose content resources from the Buzz Digital Library, too.


    1. Self Evaluation. Students can self-assess their interest, effort and understanding to let the teacher know at any time if they are comprehending and interested in the current curriculum and applying effort to their learning.  Buzz has a dashboard that allows students, educators and parents to see student progress based on their chosen learning paths and teacher assigned material.


    1. Teacher Guidance. Using the Buzz Clipboard, teachers can take immediate action to individualize learning for a specific student or group of students by sending a note, awarding a badge, or starting a discussion. All actions are easily viewable from the clipboard.


    1. Multiple Models. Buzz facilitates many different learning models, including Competency, Proficiency/Mastery, Blended, and Project-based. Buzz saves time by providing project templates that can be used as-is or adapted to individual students, groups or the whole classroom. Project templates support performance tasks.