UPDATE: SEPTEMBER 10, 2020

    The USDA has granted an extension to the waiver that allowed schools to offer a breakfast and a lunch free of charge during the school closure from March through June.  Holland Patent will be participating in the extended waiver.  What this means to you...

    * All students are eligible for a breakfast and/or a lunch free of charge through December 31st. Doubles will still require payment or cash on account.

    * While it is not mandatory, it is highly recommended that students/parents fund the school lunch accounts online via www.myschoolbucks.com, eliminating the need for students/staff to handle cash.

    * We request that you still send in a free and reduced application for the current school year. This waiver extension, explained above, will expire on December 31st. If you don't have an approved application on file at that time you will be reverted back to a paid account on January 1st.


    School lunch



    School lunch will have a different look as we head into the 2020-21 school year. We are working hard to provide you with a seamless transition into this 'new normal'. Income eligibility rules still apply. Please submit an application for free and reduced meals ASAP as this must be done annually. Free and reduced students will not be charged for breakfast or lunch. Paid students lunch price is $2.65 and breakfast price is $1.25 ($1.50 at the HS). 

    In-Person Students:

    • The menu for September will focus on a choice between cold cut sandwich of the day, PB&J or a garden salad. Beginning October 1st, a daily hot entree will be added to the choices. If this can be done sooner than October 1st, it will.
    • Students will come through the serving line and get their meal. Floor markings will note social distancing. Students will also be socially distanced while eating in the cafeteria.
    • HS/MS students will submit their PIN or last name to the cashier who will enter the sale on the computer.
    • Elementary students will order their lunch in homeroom like usual. Paper rosters will be used to communicate the order to the cafeteria staff. These same paper rosters will serve as the point of sale verification thus avoiding the need to stop at the cash register.
    • Snacks and a la carte items will not be available to start the school year. We hope to add these items ASAP. The streamlined offerings are designed to promote a quick and efficient process allowing for less time in line and more time to eat.

    Remote Students:

    • Access to meals will be available for curbside pickup at the loading dock behind the high school from 10:30am-12:00pm. Please call 315-865-7242 if you need to alter the pickup time.
    • Each student will receive a lunch for the day and a breakfast for the following morning. This will repeat daily (any day school is in session).
    • USDA has extended the waivers allowing for parent/guardian pickup without the student present.


    Welcome to School Lunch!

    Holland Patent Central school district believes that a well-nourished child is a child ready to learn.  Because of this belief, Holland Patent School participates in the National School Lunch Program.  Lunch is served in all our buildings.  Breakfast is served in elementary schools. The State Education Department allows Holland Patent to run a lunch program.  The lunch program is to be self-sufficient with no direct dollars coming from the general fund. The lunch is expected to be paid for at the time of purchase.  The district does allow a child to borrow if they forget their money, but this should be paid back as soon as possible.

    Under the federal guidelines, a lunch consists of five components – 1 meat or meat alternate, fruit or fruit juice, vegetable, bread and milk.  A student needs to only take 3 components to make a lunch under offer vs serve.  Offer vs. serve also applies to breakfast.  Four components are offered, (meat or meat alternate, a fruit or fruit juice, one grain and milk) but a student need only take three to qualify for a breakfast.

    We also sell snack items in the schools.  Ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, and chips are a few of our snack items.  This is an extra we have for the students.  Snack items are not allowed to be charged on the accounts.  If a student wishes to purchase a snack, there needs to be money on the account or money in their hand. 

    This is just a brief description of our program.  Please feel free to call at any time with your questions.

    Cliff Casab
    Food Service Director
    (315) 865-7242