• “BEE” polite, “BEE” have, 

    “BEE” respectful, “BEE”….




    “BEE” on your Best BEEhavior!

    1. Respect yourself, others, and property.

    (Treat others and their property as you want to be treated.)

    2.  Raise your hand and wait your turn.

    3.  Listen quietly

    4.  Always share

    5.  Always do your best

    6.  Finish your work (school and homework) on time


    The consequences for misbehaviors are as follows:


    1.  Verbal warning and they turn their Bee card over.

    2.  Next, the child will put the orange card in front.

            The child will lose 10 minutes of playtime.

    3. On the third time, your child will put the blue card in the front.

            The child will lose 15 minutes of playtime and you will receive a note

    or a phone call.