• Please be Prompt, Prepared, and Respectful.

    When absent, it is YOUR responsibility to make up notes, homework, quizzes or tests promptly after you return to school.  Please pick up any note/homework sheets missed in the back of the room.

    Please come for extra help when needed.  I am available periods:         1,8        and after school.  Let me know when you intend to come in to make sure that there are no other conflicts. Please check the side board for the days that I am available after school.

    This is a challenging course that you will need to put time and effort into (doing your homework and studying) in order to be successful.  Please see me for help whenever you are confused about the material covered in class or had difficulty on the homework from the previous evening.  I am always happy to help!

     Notes should be taken everyday.  Be sure to date them and stay organized.  All notes that I write on the board are important and will include definitions and procedures pertinent to the current topic.  The examples done in the notes correspond to problems you will find on your homework.  USE YOUR NOTES AS A GUIDE WHEN DOING YOUR HOMEWORK.  You are responsible for keeping all notes taken during class in your notebook.