Notes to School

  • Notes to School


    Please send in a note if you are picking your child up at the end of the day or early for an appointment.  If your child is out sick, a note signed by the parent is required for the absence.

Brain Break Time

  • Snacks


    Children are encouraged to bring a healthy snack (one only) to school.  Some great choices include pretzels, fruit, cheese, popcorn, etc.  Please no candy or sweets.  It will be a working snack because we have so much to accomplish during the day. I would prefer a finger food type snack to avoid accidental spills. 

    Students are allowed to have ONLY water bottles on their desk.  Students should take them home nightly. Plastic bottles will be thrown out.

Homework Policy

  • Homework

    Homework will be given nightly Monday - Thursday.  There will not be weekend homework.  Please check your child's home-school folder and agenda daily for assignments and upcoming tests/quizzes. Students should be able to do their assignments independently, but do help if it is completely necessary. If your child struggles with any assignment, please send in a note or jot a note on the assignment. Thank you.

Birthday Celebrations


    Classroom Birthdays


    We love to celebrate birthdays.  If your child would like to celebrate her/his birthday with a special treat, please let me know in advance so that I may plan accordingly.  It is best to send individual pre-cut (NUT FREE) treats along with the appropriate supplies.

    Party invitations can be handed out in the classroom ONLY IF ALL students are invited.  An exception to this is if ALL boys or ALL girls are invited. 

    Currently, we have 19 students in the classroom.  Treats may be left in the office on the day of the celebration.


  • Daily Assignments

    Each student will have an agenda to record daily assignments and tests. Each afternoon, students will complete their agenda and take it home for your review. Please be sure to look for it nightly, so you are aware of the work being done and upcoming tests. This is a wonderful way for your child to develop  organizational skills and responsibility, and for us to have an open line of communication. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.