• We complete several labs throughout the year. Each student must complete all labs to reach the minimum state required 1200 lab minutes. Additionally, there are four required state labs that must be completed. All labs must receive a passing grade to earn lab minutes. If a lab is not passing then corrections must be done to earn a passing grade/lab minutes. Below is a general list of labs that may or may not be completed throughout the school year.


    Lab Safety Image Lab


    Graphing Lab


    Microscope Lab


    Diffusion through a Membrane*NYS Required


    Create-your-own Experiment*NYS Required


    Clothespin Lab/Muscle Fatigue


    Making Connections*NYS Required


    Inheritance Lab


    Karyotype Lab


    Biodiversity Lab*NYS Required


    Amino Acid Sequence Comparison


    Shark – dichotomous key lab


    Moth Lab – Natural Selection


    Digestive System Lab


    Beaks of Finches Lab*NYS Required


    The Human Menstrual Cycle Lab


    Fetus Size Lab


    Evolution Lab


    How can Blood Disease be Identified? Lab


    Pedigree Lab


    Rat Dissection


    Energy Flow in an Ecosystem Lab