• Keep up to date with our Innovation PLC.  Our mission is to create a culture of innovation at HP via results oriented leadership and robust professional development.
     Our mission is guided by the following principles:
    * Innovation is something we all need to embrace
    * Learning and innovation go hand in hand
    * Innovation is about a new way of thinking, not about the stuff or the event
    * Relationships are critical to innovation
    * Empowering students is more important than engaging students
    * Students will be more successful learners if we provide them with authentic audiences
    * Success is achieved by developing the strengths of individual learners
  • June 13, 2017

    Posted by Margaret McNamara on 6/14/2017

    Our Innovation PLC met and discussed the following:

    • our mission
    • our goals
    • social media
    • Create & Inspire website
    • Creating results oriented leadership
    • Building and implementing robust PD for group and individual learning
    • Providing authentic audiences for our students
    • Empowering students and teachers

    We welcome your suggestions and input!

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