•  I am a resource room teacher. The students are taught ELA and Math at their learning level. We use a variety of programs and activities to help our students make gains in order to be successful at their grade level. I encourage the students to practice their skills learned in Room 15 in their classrooms and at home. We read books at their level daily and practice the sight words to help build their fluency.
    What you can do:
    Reading nightly is very important! Have your child read to you while you cook or before bed. Have fun with reading, you read one page and your child can read to other, or you can read together or echo after each other.
    It is important that your child sees you writing and reading also, have them join in in making the grocery list or reading signs while driving or shopping.
    Practice reading and writing sight words weekly! Give your child markers, crayons or pens to practice the spelling. Create a game out of if!
    What I can do:
    I can send home books at your child's level, sight word flash cards or practice work pages. If your child is struggling with something, contact their classroom teacher or myself. We all have the common goal of helping your child succeed! khovey@hpschools.org