Mr. Michael Sinacore, School Social Worker


    You are welcome to call at any time for support or resources. 
    HPE - (315) 865-8151
    GWF -(315) 865-5721
    A school social worker is:

    • A trained professional who works with students, teachers and parents to promote student success.
    • Liaison between teachers, parents, students, administrators and the community.

    School social workers:

    • Provide support to students having difficulties with social, emotional and behavioral adjustments.
    • Provide individual and group counseling.
    • Provide crisis intervention.
    • Link students and families to community resources/agencies.
    • Advocate for students, parents, teachers and schools.
    • Work as part of a multidisciplinary team to develop programs for children.
    • Promote regular school attendance.
    • Conduct home visits.
    • Provide case management services to students and families.
    • Conduct assessment of student/family needs.
    • Conduct classroom observations.
    • Provide parent education.
    • Meet with parents to discuss concerns about their child and/or family situation.

    The school social worker provides help to:

    • Students
    • Parents
    • Teachers/Administrators

    A student or parent can make an appointment to see the school social worker through:

    • Parental request
    • Teacher/school staff referral


    A variety of counseling services are available for elementary students including individual and group counseling:

    • The groups that are available address anger management, self-control issues, divorce, etc.
    • Referrals for any counseling services can be made by parents, teachers or other school staff.
    • Parental permission is needed for a child to participate.