If your child becomes ill, please keep him/her home from school. I will collect all missed assignments and have them in their mailbox when they return. Also, please make sure that you send in a note explaining why they were not in school. Be sure to include the dates of absence.



    My students have agendas that we fill our daily together. This is to help keep them organized and for you to be able to keep track of homework assignments and upcoming events. Please feel free to write me a note in the planner if you have a question or concern. I'll write a note in there from time to time as well.



    One of my goals in third is to instill responsibility and accountability in all my students in preparation for fourth grade. My students help make the rules and consequences and are each expected to follow them. I ask for your support with this at home, too.

    Please note that I discourage students from bringing in any valuable toys (especially hand held video games or MP3 players ). Please encourage your child to leave their special toys at home as they may get lost, damaged, or stolen.

    If a student doesn't complete his or her homework, they automatically lose recess. If they complete it during recess, they may join their class in the remainder of the recess.



    The 3rd grade normally participates in a minimum of 2 field trips during the year. In the event we are in need of chaperones for those trips, a request will be sent home. If there are many volunteers, names will be randomly selected out of a hat! If you do not receive a request, that means chaperones (other than teachers) were not necessary. Thank you for your understanding!



    Typically, we have a party at Halloween/Harvest, Christmas/Winter, and Valentine's Day. If you are interested in assisting with planning, volunteering, or sending in supplies, let me know so I can plan accordingly.



    All homework assignments will be posted on the assignment board daily for students to record in their agenda. If there is no assignment for a specific subject, the students will cross the box out under that subject in their planner. If homework is completed in school by the end of the day, they will still be required to record it in their planner.

    There is no homework on the weekends.

    As a rule of thumb, third grade homework should be taking about 30 minutes to complete. If your child is struggling and it's taking longer, please let me know. Homework should be about 10 minutes per school year level - 2 grade = 20 mins, 3 grade = 30 mins, 4 grade = 40 mins, etc.



    We have snack after our special time. I also allow students to munch on a snack if they get hungry during the afternoon. Students are encouraged to bring a HEALTHY snack like pretzels, fruit, cheese, popcorn, etc. No candy or sweets, please. We only have a short time for snack, so please send one that can be finished in a few minutes. If a spoon is needed, please be sure to send one in with the snack.

    Please make sure your child eats a good breakfast in the morning. I do allow students to keep water bottles on their desks throughout the day - hydrating is very important! Please remind your child to bring the water bottles home on Friday for a cleaning. Plastic water bottles will be recycled.



    When visiting the school, you must sign in at the office and get a visitor's pass. Please know that this is for the safety of all the children. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation!