• teamwork
     Physical Education will require more leadership and teamwork than ever before!
    All of our classes are coed and mixed grade levels. 
    • There are class periods where only Mr. Celecki teaches in the gym or only Mrs. Bulson.
    • There are other class periods where they will be co-teaching. However, during these class periods, Mrs. Bulson will have the girls and Mr. Celecki will have the boys. Some units will be coed and other units will be separate.


     September Units:
    •  Individual Pre-Fitness Assessment (1)
    • Team Sports- Soccer, Football

    October Units:

    • Cardiovascular Fitness- Ultimate Frisbee, Mountain Biking
    • Team Sports- Field Hockey
    • Cooperative Team Building Activities

    November Units: 

    • Adventure Challenges
    • Fitness- Weight Room
    • Net Sports- Volleyball

    December Units:

    • Net Sports- Volleyball
    • Cardiovascular Fitness & Flexibility

    January Units:

    • Net Games- Badminton, Pickle Ball, Handtis/ Table tennis
    • Individual Mid-Fitness Assessment (2)

    February Units:

    • Team Sports- Basketball
    • Cooperative Activities

    March Units:

    • Cardiovascular Activity- Floor Hockey
    • Individual Fitness

    April Units:

    • Introduction to Swimming
    • Pool Games
    • Dance

    May Units:

    •  Project Adventure
    • Individual Post-Fitness Assessment (3)

    June Units:

    • Net Sports- Tennis
    • Team Sports- Softball
    • Outdoor Recreational Activities