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    PE Attendance Policy
    •  Students are expected to be in class on a daily basis.
    • If the student is absent from school they will be allowed two (2) absences in each ten (10) week marking period.
    • Any absentees beyond the two (2) must be made up within the ten (10) week marking period or the student will not receive credit for the class.
    • If a student is absent during the last week of the marking period and it is their third absence or more, they will be given one (1) week to make up the class (es)

    On Time/ Late to Class

    • Students must have entered into the gymnasium or locker room doors at or before the four (4) minute bell.
    • Student must have a signed pass if later than the passing bell.
    • Students are expected to change and participate in the class activity if time allows.
    • The student will be given six (6) minutes to change and to be actively participating in the bell ringer activity.
    • If a student is late, they are unable to receive full credit for the class.
    Dress Code
    • Supportive athletic sneakers are REQUIRED*
    • Recommended Attire... (students are expected to change for physical education class)
    1. Athletic shorts or sweats
    2. Short/long sleeve T-shirt or sweat top that covers the entire torso from the point of the shoulders to below the waist band of the shorts
    3. Athletic sweatbands, wristbands are allowed
    4. During the aquatic (swim) unit appropriate swim wear is required*
    5. No bandanas or hats allowed (hats may be worn when class is held outside)
    6. NO direct or implied references towards drugs, alcohol, tobacco or sexual activities may be made on any article of clothing
    7. NO school issued uniforms/equipment may be worn in physical education class
    8. Sleeveless t-shirts- that are not ripped down the side or a tank top

    Jewelry Rule

    For the safety of all students, it is recommended that all jewelry be removed for class participation. Watches, rings, and dangling or loose fitting jewelry must be removed. Each student is responsible for the safety and security of their own jewelry. If the student refuses to comply with the above options, they will be marked as unprepared. 


    Unprepared Classes

    • Student is unprepared when they do not comply with the dress code or jewelry rule.
    • Students have the opportunity to make up unprepared classes before the completion of the 10 week marking period. If a student is unprepared during the last week of the marking period they have one (1) week to make up the class. 
    • If any unprepared class is not made up, the student will not receive credit for that class.
    • Students must participate in PE class to be eligable for school sports participation.                     


    Make-up Classes
    • Students may make up classes by joining another PE class during their study hall with prior PE teacher approval. If a student cannot make up the class during the school day they may attend a scheduled after school make up. 
    • Students may not make up classes that the student chooses to not participate in. If the student chooses not to participate, the student will not receive any credit for that class. Those students with extenuating circumstances will be dealt with on and individual basis.