• Welcome to Physical Education at
    Holland Patent High School 

    Celecki & Bulson
    Physical Education Teachers:
    Mrs. Bulson
    Mr. Celecki
    We LOVE what we teach. We ARE what we teach.
    We LEARN by moving. We LEARN by problem solving.
    Without a HEALTHY BODY, where is your BRAIN going to LIVE?!

    Here are some class expectations!
    • Students are EXPECTED to change before and after class. This is to ensure all students are practicing proper hygiene and changing in/out of fitness clothes are a part of LIFE LONG FITNESS! It is an EXPECTATION that students will be prepared for physical education class. We have time built into our schedules for changing at the start of class as well as towards the end of class.
    • Plan on being outside every class for the months of September, October, May & June! We hope to be outside as much as we can! The grass may be wet and it is often cooler in the mornings. PLEASE BE PREPARED! Otherwise, we are inside and the temperature does vary in the gym.
    • Cell phones are not needed in class.
    • Let's have a BALL this year!




    The New York State Education Department requires that each student “…shall attend and participate in the physical education program as approved in the school plan for physical education …” (Regulations of the Commissioner of Education – Section 207 of the Education Law). Physical education is divided into four (4) ten-week marking periods. Each class meets every other day for approximately 40 minutes. Students will be exposed to several different units during each marking period. The curriculum offerings are set for students in grades 9/10. Juniors and seniors may choose from a variety of activity offerings.

    Credits: One-quarter (1/4) credit will be earned for each successfully completed semester of work. Two units of credit are required for graduation.