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    Dear Annabelle: For the past few months I have struggled to keep up with my school work, which has led me to fall behind in many of my classes. My teachers are pushing me to get extra help, but I do not think I have the time or the energy. Since I have decided to get involved with a sport for the first time to make some new friends, joining the team has led me to feel so excited about going to a practice and working out with the funniest people.  I have made so many friendships, but what should I do? My studies are more important and I feel like I should just quit the team and focus on them. I just do not think I have the time. But then again maybe I can stick it out. I need some advice.



    "Sports or School?"


    Dear ‘’Sports or School”:  Don’t overstress yourself over your studies and sports because every person who plays sports has similar issues. Sports, and a lot of other activities, take up a lot of time. It is important not to give up on something that can create good opportunities for you but is also something you enjoy, something that is fun and might even be relaxing. I would suggest that you take some time staying after school. Your teachers will be proud that you are making your studies a priority and that you care about improving them. Yes, you might miss a little of practice once in a while, or you may not stay after for long but it is a way that you are taking control and have the ability to manage the things that are important to you. I would try to learn to take a little time on your school work during lunch some days, or even before the bus or practice. In the end, the hard work is going to pay off and reward you.