Cans for Vets


    In the early months of the school year, many kids are anxious. Some about their first sports games, or what to wear. But one student had a different mindset. 

    Raelynn Dungey, a junior here at Holland Patent High School, has an uncle in the army, Sergeant Wayne Carl Shultz. While stationed in Iraq, he reached out to Raelynn and her family to explain that their food supply had never reached him and his troops, and they were running out of supplies fast. She explains, she knew she wanted to help, and fast. Raelynn and her mother approached the school with the idea of a food drive. A couple of teachers volunteered to help Raelynn with her project, including Mr. Ferris, a math teacher in the high school, and Mrs. Murray, the sign language teacher. They quickly got behind the idea of helping our troops. This has some personal motive, as Mrs. Murray’s father is a US army veteran, and her grandfather as well. To help, the junior class made signs, Mr. Brown found boxes, and Mrs. Smith found religious items. Holland Patent was able to send pictures of students on our Spirit Day, ‘Merica Day. Over 250 handwritten letters, food, toiletries, and religious items were sent.

    All three of the founders were very touched by the widespread participation in the event, but they expected nothing less from their community. Both were surprised to find out that the packages are actually flown and dropped from the sky into a field. The troops successfully received the packages and were very grateful for the support. Please stay tuned for more opportunities to help out our wonderful community!

    “I knew Holland Patent was a community with a big heart and I wasn’t disappointed” -Mrs. Murray