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    Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen

    A book review by Emmalee Howard 

    Saint Anything was an absolutely heart wrenching roller coaster that showed the difficulties people may face that aren’t always visible. From strict parents, to older sibling and complicated friendships, it was impossible to know what was going to happen next. The main female character, Sydney, struggles with certain aspects of her life that have been flipped upside down. As her life seems to slide away, she meets a boy named Mac who could be the only one able to turn her life around. There is just one thing: their relationship is more complicated than her life. The breathtaking cover shows the significance between Sydney and Mac and just how round-about life can be. Sydney struggles with her parents and herself over the course of the book, showing just how difficult it is to balance life sometimes. Dessen’s Saint Anything shows just how the smallest things can help you cope with the hardest problems life can throw at you.