Netflix Series Review 
    With Alyssa Sinclair and Justin Savoy



    The Walking Dead Seasons 1-3 Summary

    By: Justin Savoy

    Words like this are the theme of the Season

    Season 1:

    Stronger Together

                The world has always been damaged, abusive, and cruel. That was obvious, but it didn’t fully be missed until The Walking Dead came. Coming from a virus that is dominating the brain causes, the body reanimates after death into a zombie. The scary part is… everyone has the virus. Although the virus is disabled until death, the mass population of people allowed the virus to spread and overcome the world. The world was in a panic; cities were bombed, people turned on each other, killing for food, and even cannibalism. Our main character Deputy Rick Grimes was split up from his wife and son. He went to Atlanta to hopefully find his family, but found himself surrounded by zombies. He was rescued by a group of “survivors” that consisted of Andrea, T-Dog, Jacqui, and Merle. The group eventually escaped the overrun city and retreated to their camp where Rick was reunited with his wife Lori, and his son Carl. The camp was eventually attacked by a hoard of zombies and many survivors were killed. The rest of the group went to a government facility that was on the edge of a cure. The facility was then blown up with two members inside… After this our damaged and miniscule group headed on the road to find a new camp, and hopefully new people.

    Season 2:

    The Search, and Betrayal

                After going on the road, the group stops to take a little break. At this moment Dale, the prospected father of the group, spots a hoard of zombies coming their way. The group hides under vehicles to not be spotted. Sophia, a young girl and the daughter of Carol, a motherly figure of the group, runs in the forest out of fear. Rick follows here and eventually finds her, but was followed by zombies. Rick tells Sophia to hide as he lures them away, but when he returned she was nowhere to be found. The group gathered their stuff to go on a search. During their search they come across a church, and pray. After that Carl the young son of Rick went out with Daryl and Rick on a walk. They spot a deer and Carl is hit by a bullet after a hunter shot the dear. The hunter takes them to his camp where the rest of the group eventually meets up. Their camp is a farm and it consists of members of the family such as Maggie, and Beth sisters, and their father Hershel. Along with Otis the hunter, his wife Patricia, and Beth’s boyfriend Jimmy. The group has a beneficial relationship with the new survivors, but eventually disagree on an issue the family feels is ok. In the end the farm is attacked by a hoard of zombies. During this time a betrayal takes place that ends in death, and they do find Sophia… but was she really Sophia???

    Season 3:

    The War Begins

    After the attack on the farm, our group heads off to find a new camp. Eventually they do and it is a prison. The group clears out all the zombies and takes sleeping quarters in prison cells. The survivors find some prison mates still alive, but their past and why they got into jail eventually got them killed. The group is finally happy and safe until they meet the Governor. During this time Andrea, a member of the group, was missing after the farm assault. She was found by Michonne the epic katana wielding survivor. They find safety in Woodbury a camp with walls and very strong in guns and weapons and food. Michonne eventually finds out its leader the Governor is evil and is planning to attack the prison. Andrea goes to warn her friends at the prison, but the Governor caught her before she could. He takes her back and leaves her in a room with his scientist who he killed. He did this so when he reanimated Andrea could be killed slowly and painfully. At the camp, Ricks wife Lori had a daughter, but did the birth take too much out of her already pained body? In the end the group launches a mission to save Andrea, and they do find her. In the end the scene ends with a gunshot and another member of the group is killed…