• Student Studio Conduct Policy:

    ~Utilize only your given account name and respect others’ work on the server. Altering another student’s files will be considered vandalism. Properly log-out and close ALL running programs at the end of each class period.

    ~It is expected that students will conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times. Inappropriate language, images or sounds, excessive socializing and untimely exchanges will not be tolerated.

    ~Internet use and the use of electronic devices is a privilege. If you are caught surfing, game playing, socializing or using for non-academic purposes, you will lose your access privileges.

    • Cell phones are not allowed for taking photographs. You may record assignments, due dates, etc. on your phone. No texting, answering or making calls.
    • Music may be played during project work time with instructor’s permission. Devices should not be played during instructional periods. Searching for music is not permitted.

    ~Be aware of your surroundings; watch for cords, tables, chairs, etc. Do not unplug or transfer equipment. Return borrowed accessories to Grower or owner.

    ~Check your work area before leaving. Clean up after yourself. Binders/notebooks should be stored in an upright position on designated shelves.

    ~Follow classroom procedures for borrowing school equipment and using the darkroom.

    ~Plan on spending the entire 40 minutes in class. In urgent situations, follow classroom sign-in/out procedures for entering/leaving the studio.

    ~Bring your binder, notebook, USB drive and pen or pencil everyday.

    ~Water is the only acceptable beverage and should not be consumed in vicinity of the computers, printers, etc. If you purchase breakfast from the vending machine, please consume it before class begins.