• Computer Graphics 

  • Course Description: Students will be introduced to art intended to communicate information and influence the consumer. The focus is on studying and using typography and layout and design concepts applicable to creating 2D and 3D designs. Students will create illustrations, animations, photo manipulations and commercial artworks. Technical proficiency in the use of graphics software, knowledge of the methodology of graphic design and demonstration of problem solving skills are emphasized. Level II students will concentrate on expanding their creativity and imagination and developing a professional level portfolio.

    Level 1: Graphics 1 - you’re here to learn the basics  and develop creativity

    Level 2:  Graphics 2 - you’re here to learn more advanced techniques, demonstrate improved skills and develop your portfolio; you will handle special requests

    Level 3: MV Digital Design - you’re expected to show personal growth and vision as you develop your own personal style; you will also be need to meet MVCC requirements





  • MP 1 Topics


    Introduction/Review of Adobe Photoshop

    Introduction/Review of Adobe Illustrator


    Character design 

  • Materials

    flash/thumb drive 

    sketchbook/notebook/journal/loose-leaf paper

    3-ring binder

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