• Photography 

  • Course Description: Level 1 students will be exposed to photography as fine art as well as a medium intended to communicate and persuade. The focus is on understanding the technical, compositional, emotional and historical aspects of photography. This course focuses on understanding the basic operations and functions of digital cameras. Traditional black and white film developing, darkroom techniques and SLR camera operation will be introduced in the second year. Level 2 students will expand techniques and explore self-directed problems.

    Level 1: Photo 1 - you’re here to learn the basics, develop your understanding of art concepts and explore your creative side

    Level 2: Photo 2 - you’re here to learn more advanced techniques, demonstrate improved skills and develop your own style. You will be introduced to the darkroom and black & white film photography 

  • MP 1 Topics

    PHOTO 1

    Focus on composition


    Camera components and modes


    PHOTO 2

    Intro to SLR camera and film

    Theme exploration – brainstorm as group & individually

    Depict a word for the dictionary


  • MP 1 photo assignments

    Photo 1:

    Things that come from seeds

    Tiny object composition challenge  (in class)

    20 black squares (outdoor classroom)


    October theme explorations: Kaleidoscope of Color, Autumn Splendor, Dancing Leaves, Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch, Flavors of Fall, Choice 


    Photo 2:

    Tiny object composition challenge  (in class)

    20 black squares (outdoor classroom)

    Selected themes

    Word depiction

    Planet panorama (digital)




  • Materials & Supplies 

    Flash/Thumb drive


    3-ring binder or folder

    Back-up batteries if you are using your own camera

  • MP 1 Journals

    A-Z Subject exploration (P1)

    Theme interpretations and brainstorming (P2)

  • Due dates for MP 1

    "Seeds" themed photos due Wednesday, Sept. 19th 



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