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    There are 4 libraries within the Holland Patent School District.  Every library is equipped with Internet access for your research and reading needs.  Visit your school library for help with your research projects, to find interesting books to read, and learn to use new media tools.




    HPMS OPALS ACCESS high school
  • Mission (Mrs. Horwat) 
    The mission of the Holland Patent Middle School & High School Library Media Centers (LMCs) is to support the education of the entire school community by providing access to information in an environment conducive to independent and collaborative learning.  
    • The LMC provides resources, space, and tools to enhance learning and instruction.

    • By way of collaborative efforts, the Library Media Specialist (LMS) will facilitate interdisciplinary connections between relevant and useful information resources and opportunities to enhance classroom learning. 

    • The LMS will provide instruction and guidance in 21st Century Skills  The LMC provides free and equal access to materials that promote personal and aesthetic growth as well as high-quality information. 

    • The LMS will provide guidance and instruction in building literacy skills necessary to continue lifelong learning. 

    • The LMC facilitates connections between a community of learners, teachers, and information that reaches and receives from beyond the walls of HPCS.

    • The LMS will be a consultant, teacher, and advocate for responsible use of information and sharing with a broad audience. 
    • The LMC will provide services that are inclusive of students with all abilities.  
  • A library's role is "less about housing tomes and 
    more about connecting learners and constructing knowledge."  
                                                              --Beth Holland
                                                              from "21st-Century Libraries: Learning Commons" (2015)
    What does a School Library Media Specialist (SLMS) do?  
     Check out this excellent video created by the Iowa Association of School Libraries
    (our librarians do the same amazing things with the same missions!):