3rd and 4th Grades will begin working on the National Parks Project that we have been talking about in class.

     Explore some of the National Parks that we have in the United States.

    Choose a National Park in the United States that you would like to learn about. (Not Yellowstone that is the one I will be using for a model)

    Begin your research using the data bases that we have worked with this school year.   

    (I will attach a reminder on how to access them, but most students in 4th grade have mastered this and 3rd is getting better everyday!)

    We have not had the lesson on Britanica Image Quest, but that is where you will be able to get your pictures for your project. (We have rights to use them)

    Begin with writing a list of questions that you would like to learn about your National Park. 

    As you research and read about the park, answer the questions.  Make sure that as you answer the questions use quotes to remind yourself that you are using someone elses ideas and write down where you got the informaion from.  (Which data base it came from.)

     See the attached sheet for organizing some of the data.


    5th Grade will be working on a topic involving Space.   It will be a free choice project where they will research a topic that relates to space or topic related to space.   They learned about space in their science class and will expand on those topic, or areas that they would like to learn more about.