• Ethical users of information ALWAYS CITE THE SOURCE in academic work.  In other words, you should ALWAYS be able to provide information about your source.  My most recommended citation tool is this:

    World Book's Citation Builder!

    Here is why:  We pay for access to it; it's not free.  Why is that good?  Easy Bib and Son of a Citation Machine make money on their free tool by exposing you to advertisements, and it seems to get worse every year.  Now, they're starting to make you watch a 30-second advertisement before you get your citation.  Due to this and the fact that easy bib sometimes even gets your citation wrong (because someone initially entered the data incorrectly), I don't recommend it.  TEACHERS:  Those sites that require students to view advertisements should not be used in school as it would be a violation of Ed-Law 2D.   


    How do I use World Book's Citation Builder?  

    Go to our SEARCH 24/7 Databases (hpschools.org-->Departments-->Library Media Services-->Click on the picture of your school-->SEARCH 24/7 Databases)

    Go to the World Book Student database. The password is....you should know this! 

    Click on Citation Builder.  It will ask if you want to cite a website, book, video, etc.  It will ask you questions, you provide the answers, and then it will crank out a citation in the correct format.  Yeah! 


    For more information about citing sources, check your email for "citing sources".  I bet you'll find an email from me with a lesson, handout, or video to watch on the topic!  Also, here's the link for the 6th grade version (but you can only see it if you are logged into your school account).