• New Digital Escape Rooms!

    Posted by Julie Horwat on 12/22/2017
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  • 6th Grade: Solar System

    Posted by Julie Horwat on 12/3/2017

    Click here for the solar system activity--make sure you have headphones!  Your class code (write this down) is galepoa.  

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  • Share what you love about our library in an easy, quick video!

    Posted by Julie Horwat on 11/24/2017



    Click HERE to tell us what you like or LOVE about the HPMS library!  Use our iPads, and I promise it won't take long.  :) 


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  • What's been happening in the library?

    Posted by Julie Horwat on 10/31/2017

    It's been busy in the library!  Students have been:

    • Writing research papers on composers for Music
    • Writing research papers on aviation topics for Technology class
    • Creating visual storyboards of stories they read in 7th grade English
    • Creating Vision Boards for Health class
    • Reading for pleasure
    • Playing chess online and on tables
    • Participating in escape rooms
    • Doing digital Madlibs for fun (and learning their parts of speech)
    • Creating animated characters with paper, color pencils, and an app
    • Writing essays for the Patriot's Pen contest
    • Logging reading minutes digitally and discussing books in a class discussion group (digitally) for English 7

      See pictures in the photo gallery! 

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  • They escaped!

    Posted by Julie Horwat on 9/29/2017

    The following are groups who have successfully completed an escape room in the library.  Woot! 

    escape room!


    working on it!



    winning team!

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  • Online Chess

    Posted by Julie Horwat on 9/22/2017

    By now I'm sure you realized that Coolmath games is blocked at school (which is FINE with us!).  Here is where you can play chess with another player (each on your own computer). 

    Online Chess


    Also, this website will help you learn HOW TO PLAY CHESS (it is not a prettier version of Checkers!!).

    How to Play Chess



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  • Bored?

    Posted by Julie Horwat on 9/19/2017

    This will entertain you for about 10 minutes.

    How Things Work in GIFS

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  • Important! About Escape Rooms....

    Posted by Julie Horwat on 9/16/2017

    I have been informed that we cannot provide late buses to students who are staying after school for clubs or escape rooms.  I am so sorry!  I will be working toward finding a solution to this problem.  In the meantime, only students who have their own transportation home will be able to participate in after school library activities such as escape rooms, book clubs, library volunteer club, or special events.  Again, I apologize, and at the moment this is beyond my control. 

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  • 6th Grade Only! Escape Room!

    Posted by Julie Horwat on 9/11/2017

    6th Grade Only--Escape Room!

    Welcome to the Middle School, 6th Graders! 

    Our first Escape Room event will take place this Friday, September 15, in the library from 2:15 to 3:00 PM.  If you want to participate, come to the library to sign up, and you will need to have permission from your parent or guardian to stay after school (late busses are available).  Make sure you have your permission-to-stay-after-school note to the Main Office BEFORE you stay after! 

    On Friday morning, you will need to report to the library for your ticket to the escape room (VERY IMPORTANT!) 


    Hope to see you there! 

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  • Activities

    Posted by Julie Horwat on 5/22/2017







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