Summer Reading

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  • Sora Reading Challenge: Bingo

    If you complete this, let Mrs. Horwat know (  She'll tell you how to share the completed Bingo and you will receive a prize.  You can complete all of this with your FREE E-BOOK and AUDIOBOOK collection using the Sora app or going into Sora through your school library on your desktop or laptop.  For instructions, search your gmail for the words "Sora."  



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  • Summer Reading Bingo: Middle School

    Students who complete one or more Bingo's (a straight line in any direction) are encouraged to write in the titles of the books that meet each square's description and submit the Bingo sheets to Mrs. Horwat, the middle school librarian, in September.  Have fun with this! 

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  • Summer Reading Program: Grades 5-8

    Mrs. Richard will present this year's summer reading program to next year's 6th graders.  If you have misplaced your letter or the form, it is available here to download and print (or view on your screen).  Next year's 7th and 8th graders are also encouraged to participate! 

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  • Discussion: What are your reading plans for this summer? What are you reading?

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    You may discuss your summer reading here!  Keep in touch!  What books do you plan to read?  Are you participating in any summer reading programs?  Do you have a reading goal?  Feel free to visit here to see what others are doing, encourage each other, and discuss books.  Post with your first name only, please!

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  • Teachers: Summer reading plans?

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    Do you have any titles that you plan on reading, or do you have a reading goal (like number of books?)  Are you participating in any summer reading programs or Book Clubs?

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