• Activities

    Posted by Julie Horwat at 5/22/2017






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  • They escaped!

    Posted by Julie Horwat at 5/18/2017

    This group of out-of-the-box thinkers solved all of the necessary puzzles to stop "the curse of the Mondays" by working together in a high-pressure situation.  Everyone contributed something; what a great team! 

    MS students

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  • Learn how to get popular audioboks and ebooks onto your devices or PC!

    Posted by Julie Horwat at 5/5/2017

    Did you know that you could be listening to or reading some of the most popular YA titles right from your phone, tablet, or PC? Enjoying a book through Overdrive doesn't even require Wi-Fi or the use of your data. See Mrs. Horwat any chance you get (study hall, lunch, after school, before school, etc.) tol learn how to borrow ebooks and audiobooks right through the computer or your device.  If you have access to the internet on your device, come with the free app, Overdrive, already downloaded if you can (although this is not required).  You may wonder how you ever lived without Overdrive once you get started!

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  • Digital Escape Room Challenges!

    Posted by Julie Horwat at 4/12/2017


    I really like Open the Pool!

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  • Video Games in the library!

    Posted by Julie Horwat at 3/21/2017

    Increase your digital literacy and Internet skills while playing games that are actually pretty fun!  



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  • Robot Apocalypse!

    Posted by Julie Horwat at 3/1/2017

    Save us from the robot apocalypse!

    After school, Monday 3/6, a team of up to 10 students will need to work together to save the planet from the dreaded fate of robot world domination.  The robot plans to annihilate us by getting rid of all of our technology.  He only needs 40 minutes to do it.....unless we can foil his plans in time.  Sign up in the library Thursday or Friday to be allowed to participate.  It's a high-pressure, hands-on, brains-on, exciting event that will give you a rush of adrenaline and satisfaction afterwards if you are successful.  What can be more satisfying than saving the planet?  If you're into escape rooms and mystery rooms, this event is for YOU. 

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  • For Warrior Cats Fans!

    Posted by Julie Horwat at 2/13/2017


    If you love the Warrior Cats, visit this lovely fan page and explore the world, see the books, take interactive quizzes on the books, and play Warrior Cats games!  If you're viewing this page from school, copy and paste the URL into the Chrome browser before you get frustrated.  :)

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  • Completed the puzzle!

    Posted by Julie Horwat at 2/1/2017

    7th graders with their completed puzzle

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  • Story game...

    Posted by Julie Horwat at 2/1/2017

    This is something you can do during your study hall in the library!  Use the Chrome browser and copy and paste this link into the URL.  Have fun!


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  • Activities!

    Posted by Julie Horwat at 2/1/2017

    Activities in the library!

    • Shelfie Scavenger Hunt
    • Coloring
    • Coding
    • Keyboarding practice
    • Puzzles
    • Chess
    • Mad Libs
    • Logic games
    • Freedom to create
    • Origami
    • Books, books, books!
    • Learn how to get audiobooks for free on your own devices!
    • Practice your 50 states (7th grade especially!)
    • Educational computer games and programs
    • Book club!
    • Explore old yearbooks (and recent ones, too!)
    • Read the newspaper
    • Read magazines (lots!)
    • Charge your mobile devices
    • Borrow a Kindle or Nook and read an e-book!
    • Learn something new!
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